Service is the focus at Power Solutions, LLC of NC. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, if you call and tell us you need us, we will do everything possible to resolve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Power Solutions. LLC of NC is a quality service dealer offering generator sales and service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients nationwide. We offer sales, installations, startups, preventive maintenance services, and warranty and repair services. From home backup generators, to the largest commercial generators, we have the ability, resources, and personnel to work with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.

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    Power Solutions, LLC of NC also provides and services commercial generators. Preventative maintenance is a must have for standby generators to ensure the investment in your generator is going to pay off and be there when needed.

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    Residential Systems

    Residential systems that are always standby ready and automatically take over when your utility power experiences failure will ensure you don’t have to do without reliable power. A system specific to your needs can be delivered and installed quickly and efficiently. Systems size ranges are available to provide power for whatever you decide you do not want to be without during utility outages, from a few critical circuits, up to the entire home. Systems with load shedding capabilities provide a particularly efficient means of providing the most power for the least investment.

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    A unique and important service offered by Power Solutions, LLC of NC is a 24/7 alarm monitoring system. This alarm system will send programmable text messages to a programmable list of people when any alarm condition arises. Systems can be started and stopped remotely through the web based portal interface. There is no need to have someone constantly visually monitoring for alarm conditions or to send personnel out just to check on the status, or to start a system. This system will monitor alarm conditions for generators, pumps, or anything that is capable of raising an error/alarm. Battery problems, system generated alarms, and building condition alarms (temperature, high water, humidity) that normally require visual alarm monitoring can now be detected and specific text messages sent to alert the responsible personnel when an alarm condition arises. If you currently pay someone to constantly monitor your system for alarm conditions, or if you have to send people out just to check on the status of or start your systems, then this monitor system will save money as well as add efficiency. You can learn more about this unique monitoring system on the Commercial panel of this website.

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